Sanchayan Maity e541b2d745 fish: Refactor fish shell configuration
- Drop starship. This also helps us to get rid of ttf-font-nerd install
  which is a dependency of starship.
- Source fnm env only once on login. This makes fish shell/terminal load
  much much faster. Add an alias to invoke fnm use easily.
- Set path or environment variables only when required path or binary
- Introduce a function to profile fish easily.
- Borrow the fish prompt logic from Alexis King's configuration.
- Factor out key binding related settings.
- Make su launch fish.

Prompt and other ideas for clean up taken from
2021-12-29 18:54:57 +05:30

10 lines
275 B

set -g fish_term24bit 1
set -g fish_color_command cyan
set -g fish_color_end red
set -g fish_color_error red --bold
set -g fish_color_escape yellow
set -g fish_color_operator blue
set -g fish_color_param normal
set -g fish_color_quote green
set -g fish_color_redirection red