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Sanchayan Maity 569b6e893c
fish: conf.d/systemd-abbr: Show logs only for current boot 2024-03-26 14:57:09 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 1b4fdb4e35
fish: conf.d/systemd-abbr: Update abbreviation for journalctl 2024-03-05 18:12:12 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity e5e6abacbd
fish: conf.d: Add abbreviation for doas 2024-02-28 21:52:26 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 1c31dba3a4
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Add an abbreviation for cabal configure 2023-12-26 16:52:03 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 2925d49c8e
fish: conf.d: Update Rust abbreviations
`--all` is deprecated and is just an alias to `--workspace`. Add an
abbreviation to exclude building of packages.
2023-11-04 10:42:15 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 96fe9893a1
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Add a version of cabal build using --allow-newer 2023-07-01 13:12:44 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity da58490e5a
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Fix duplicate abbreviation with cpl 2023-06-14 20:17:35 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 7000ebffb7
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Add abbreviations for cabal-plan 2023-06-10 19:18:36 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 0986b41c72
fish: conf.d: Add abbreviations useful for Rust 2023-06-10 19:18:28 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity a01903d5b4
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Add abbreviations for cabal-clean 2023-06-07 18:01:46 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 10d42d0d42
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Add abbreviations for cabal-edit & cabal-hoogle 2023-06-03 17:59:45 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity a9fc35d297
fish: conf.d/cabal-abbr: Fix cabal install abbreviation 2023-05-31 10:29:39 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity a3f8dbcb87
fish: conf.d/trash-cli-abbr: Add more abbreviations for rmtrash 2023-05-22 19:03:48 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity f37e10c68c
fish: conf.d: Add some abbreviations for cabal
Taken from
2023-05-17 20:52:42 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 572a54d9fd
fish: conf.d: Add abbreviations for git
Taken from with some
minor changes and additions of our own.
2023-05-15 20:45:48 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 9fc6d0eb2a
fish: Drop vgrep aliases and introduce abbreviations
We still keep the vgrep + FZF aliases.
2023-05-15 11:10:55 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 22f5664cd6
fish: conf.d: Clean up unnecessary -a option for abbreviations 2023-05-11 18:16:11 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 1b5a8f5edb
fish: conf.d/setup: Set ripgrep config file path
ripgrep will not look in any predetermined directory for a config
file automatically. Instead, we need to set the RIPGREP_CONFIG_PATH
environment variable to the file path of our config file.
2023-05-09 16:19:07 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 6fdaf3356f
fish: conf.d: Clean up unnecessary -g option for abbreviations 2023-05-06 13:11:03 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 83c572019c
fish: conf.d: Add abbreviations for trash-cli and rmtrash 2023-05-06 13:09:37 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 9363fc249b
fish: conf.d/setup: Set up all path related things at start 2023-05-05 10:54:38 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 7779044f67
fish: conf.d/setup: Add rustup symlink path to PATH
See related

We still need to keep this to use rust-analyzer via rustup. The other
option would be install the rust-analyzer package separately and not
use this via rustup.
2023-05-05 10:27:56 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity d1f66f1b13
fish: conf.d/setup: Drop fnm and switch to pnpm
Drop fnm and switch to pnpm for installing npm packages as well as
managing node versions.

Not using npm i -g has the added nicety of not having a node_modules
in /usr/lib.
2023-04-22 13:04:31 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 33151066a1 fish: conf.d/setup: Set environment variables for password store 2022-12-16 13:58:29 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 1766986d8e fish: conf.d/setup: Setup environment variables required by go 2022-12-11 16:55:41 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 28eccacade fish: setup: Set a needed environment variable for work 2022-11-30 17:20:46 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 68da927ad3 fish: conf.d: Drop setting of some environment variables
These have now been moved to environment.d and get set by systemd.
2022-10-03 11:48:16 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity cb12ad28ab fish: Add fish-systemctl

We do not use any plugin manager so just add this manually.
2022-10-01 09:56:18 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 16251e5d4c fish: conf.d/setup: Enable XDG support for ghcup 2022-08-03 20:31:41 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity e6b71916e8 fish: functions/fish_prompt: Drop virtualfish
It increases the load time which is just annoying. Fuck Python
2022-04-13 20:41:12 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 478fede9e4 fish: Clean up with fish_indent 2022-04-12 18:27:01 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 8a7567a8b1 Start tmux sessions using systemd
While starting the tmux sessions from fish worked some environment
variables were not getting picked up in tmux session.

For example DISPLAY is set after we log in and the graphical sway
session starts but since tmux sessions were started before that it
would be absent from the tmux session. We may be wrong about the
exact order and reasoning for this but atleast that is the observed

Fix this by defining a sway session target and making the tmux session
service dependent on it.
2022-04-04 18:07:50 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 55685b3084 fish: Make life easier by setting GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR globally 2022-04-03 09:30:00 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity ab2d063759 fish: setup: Disable colouring in log and debug output for GStreamer 2022-03-27 19:26:17 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 8d216bc1e6 fish: setup: Drop TERM setting for kitty 2022-03-27 18:16:10 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 5ed0951392 fish: Start tmux sessions on login 2022-03-17 09:14:06 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity a319c28964 fish: functions/fish_prompt: Add virtualfish 2022-03-15 00:12:05 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 674e3fa3f6 fish: conf.d/setup: Set environment variables required by wayland 2022-01-28 20:52:47 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 3600310085 fish: conf.d/setup: Set environment variable required by ssh-agent 2022-01-28 12:07:10 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity a6b2242260 Revert "fish: conf.d/setup: Add QT environment variables for Wayland"
This reverts commit ca802a885f.

Not required anymore since it is fixed with previous commit 3cd3e1e.
2022-01-28 12:06:39 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity ca802a885f fish: conf.d/setup: Add QT environment variables for Wayland

For some reason, even after setting this in systemd environment
variables, QT_QPA_PLATFORM does not get set.
2022-01-26 20:55:39 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity ef84036ec3 fish: conf/setup: Set XDG base directory environment variables 2022-01-12 17:39:10 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 95a247891e fish: conf/setup: Pass the shell syntax to use for fnm
From the twitter discussion with fnm author, shell inference seems to be
slow. Passing the shell to use manually seems to speed this up.

fnm env --log-level=quiet | source

Executed in  534.50 millis    fish           external
   usr time    0.62 millis  620.00 micros    0.00 millis
   sys time    4.76 millis    0.00 micros    4.76 millis

fnm env --shell=fish --log-level=quiet | source

Executed in    1.51 millis    fish           external
   usr time    1.06 millis    0.00 micros    1.06 millis
   sys time    0.58 millis  579.00 micros    0.00 millis

Also, see the github issue
2022-01-03 20:26:47 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity e541b2d745 fish: Refactor fish shell configuration
- Drop starship. This also helps us to get rid of ttf-font-nerd install
  which is a dependency of starship.
- Source fnm env only once on login. This makes fish shell/terminal load
  much much faster. Add an alias to invoke fnm use easily.
- Set path or environment variables only when required path or binary
- Introduce a function to profile fish easily.
- Borrow the fish prompt logic from Alexis King's configuration.
- Factor out key binding related settings.
- Make su launch fish.

Prompt and other ideas for clean up taken from
2021-12-29 18:54:57 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity dc00cca6ca fish: conf/fnm: Switch to required node version automatically 2021-12-28 19:24:45 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity b8ccdaacd6 fish: Move sourcing of fnm and starship to conf.d 2021-12-10 15:59:11 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 84455420e5 fish: Unset and set BROWSER
For some reason, BROWSER always gets set to firefox instead of
firefox-wayland which is our own desktop file for starting firefox
in wayland.

Setting the systemd environment variables or using the env in desktop
file has not helped.
2021-10-22 16:07:08 +05:30
Sanchayan Maity 9bc28d47a3 fish: Start sway if running from tty1
sway seems to not start at all when using lightdm to login. We disabled
lightdm and now just use the login shell to start sway. sway never
recommended login managers so this was long due anyways.

2021-10-22 15:43:57 +05:30